Habbakuk is the city of Dragonborn in Alita.


Habbakuk is nestled in the hills of southwestern Annwyn.  All key governmental and cultural buildings are build with the famous local blue marble.  There is a small sea port, but the city is not known for its sea trade.


The city is structured into five castes: warriors, clerics, mages, merchants, laborers.  Additionally, there is a sixth casteless group which suffer none of the legal or societal protections of the city.  Of the castes, the Warriors are at the top, due to a cultural revolution 200 years ago.  Beneath them are the clerics which placate the laborers and keep the merchants honest; they also police the mages and prevent infernal influence from entering the mage ranks.  The mages lies in the center of the structure; they lost their clout 200 years ago, but serve too vital a function to completely crush.  Merchants and Laborers fill the usual role.


The populace of Habbakuk is blatantly Dragonborn suppremasist.  Visitors, societally speaking, are viewed as castless.  However, in the interest of forming any sort of trade, visitors are officially have the rights of merchants or laborers.

The caste of the Dragonborn is considered at hatching based on the fracture pattern of the shell.  Each hatching must be sanctioned by the clergy.  Any undocumented Dragonborn is considered casteless.  Once the caste is determined, the newborn is immediately moved into the appropriate barracks.  Many Habbakukian never meet their parents.  There is no mobility between castes, and fraternization between castes is discouraged.




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