Alita is a city-state located at the heart of the Annwyn Peninsula.  The vast, fertile plains lie to the west, and the nearly impassable Drachengrat Moutains to the northeast and southeast.  Due east of Alita is the Gap of Alita also known as the southern pass of the mountains.


Nobility rues the city-state and surrounding region.  Smaller towns and villages are ruled by less important noble families.  Recently, the Hochberg family from Westvale was able to grasp control of the title of Konig (king) ten years ago.

The noble counsel helped the Hochbergs depose the vonDrachen family.  The primary impetus behind this was the vonDrachen family's long history of cooperation with the city of Habbakuk.  The Hochberg family espoused trade and swore to reclaim the territory lost during the Habbakuk Incersion.

The Albian Hochberg was the first king of the new dynasty.  Unfortunately, he was old and frail.  Within a year, he abdicated the throne to his son Altair, and encouraged him to create a greater Alita.


Alita is the capital of the cult of Bahamut.  The central office of the Seminary and the Academy lie in the southern ward of the city.  Churches many other gods lie in the southern ward, but those dedicated to Bahamut are the most grand.  Revently the temples of the goddess Erathis have risen to a position of higher importance.

Most Alitans worship Bahamut primarily, a very small population worship him to exclusion of other gods.  Most humans worship Kord or Avandra as a secondary god.  The Dwarven minority, surprisingly, has also fallen into the fold of worshiping Bahamut first, but Moradin still holds a place in their hearts.

Alita is a city of trade, since it is positioned at the best land trade route eastward.  Thus, it is a city of culturual exchange.  Music of all kinds flows out of the city's many taverns, and the marketplace is all but choked with business both day and night.  The variety of commonly available goods is limited only by the strict import laws of the city.


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