Lost Charity

In the begining there was scant information.
Archive of doom.

Nothing has happened yet, and no towns are named.  We have a map, though.  Yup.

The game world is approximately the size of the Iberian Peninsula.  There are three major and one minor city-states.  Of the Three Major city-states, two lie near the ocean and allow for oceanic trade, the thrid lies inland, strategically placed at the mouth of a large mountain pass.  Each major city-state has 2-4 towns and severall villages under it's protection.

Of the major city-states, the one at the mouth of the moutain pass is the largest.  It is populated by almost entirely humans, although the market section of the city is very cosmopolitain.  It is ruled by a human noble lord who sees himself as a King destined to rule the whole of the peninsula.

The southmost is the home of the Dragonborn.  Their city is built from the local white-blue marble in order to glorify their god-ancestor Bahamut.  This city-state has a facist government with a rigid caste system.  Your caste is determined at hatching.  If you need assistance coming into the world, or you have a hatch of ill-omen, you are relegated to the lowest caste.  Anyone that is born instead of hatched is automatically part of the lowest caste.  Visitors and merchants are welcome, but cannot be citizens.

The minor city-state lies in a vast desert to the west of the montains.  The environment is inhospitable, and the city acts as a last refuge for those without any other home.  The bulk of it's popluation are Teifling, followed closely by humans, then halflings and other races.  Dragonborn seldom visit this citystate, since their large bodies do not provide proper heat regulation (those with ice-breath are a notable exception).  The government of the city is comprised of representatives from the local guilds.



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