An arcane savant with a tumultuous past and an uncertain future.


Born in Ihrem to aristocrats.  His magical talents were hidden from the common folk, since many Teifling fear magicians.  He was trained in secret, beneath the streets of the city by one of a handful of magical academies.  There he studied the arcane arts with people from all walks of life.  Secrecy was the central virtue of the school, and students were forbidden with interacting outside of class, lest they reveal the school accidentally.

Being noble-born and a magical savant, he was hated by his fellow students, and envied by his teachers.  His talent was as marvelous as it was uncontrollable.  He frequently fell victim to "wild bursts" of magic.  Ones that would leave those near him stunnded or burned.  He was called troublemaker and witch by his peers.

He stopped attending after a year.  Rather than give up the art, he pursued his art alone.  He hollowed out his own alcove in the passageways beneath the city.  Over the course of several years, coming to master his own wild tallent.  Once tamed he had a vision of a great dragon.

He eventally ran away seeking the truth behind the nature of his arcane powers.  Was he just a fluke, or was he gifted with magic by some draconic ancestor or benefactor?


Lost Charity Archwright